Website Checklist

If you currently have a website, does it accomplish these objectives?

  • Guides/funnels prospects to choosing you.
  • Engages with relevant content that is updated frequently.
  • Good user-friendly design that is easy to navigate and understand.
  • Responsive web design that works on both computer and mobile devices.
  • Features “trust icons”, and logos that lend credibility to your organization.
  • Optimized load speeds and performance.
  • SEO – set up and optimized so that you can be found more often.
If it doesn't, schedule a call today!

About Peter Gerdes

I'm Peter Gerdes — a lifelong art enthusiast and a dedicated creator. My artistic journey began as far back as I can remember, with me sketching and capturing the world around me. In 2004 I stumbled upon my true calling when I was tasked to design my first logo. That pivotal moment ignited my passion for design and set me on an extraordinary path.

Venturing into the realm of technology, I kicked off my adventure in web development back in 2005. Armed with HTML and CSS, I dove headfirst into crafting custom websites, and there's been no looking back. Over the years, I've launched hundreds of websites across various platforms, dedicating my time to mastering dozens of tools to make me a full stack web builder.

In 2018 I stumbled upon Webflow — a website building platform that allowed me to create the highest quality websites, fast! Since then, I've bid farewell to WordPress, and moved all my clients to Webflow. In the ever-evolving and changing landscape of design and tech, I am driven to stay at the forefront of innovation, consistently adopting the latest and most cutting-edge tools.

On a more personal note, I grew up on an 11,000 acre cattle ranch in Southern Oregon where work ethic was drilled into me at a young age. I tell people, I never had time to throw a football because I was too busy throwing hay. My life is colored by a myriad of hobbies and passions. Currently volleyball holds 1st place in my list of activities... I could play it every day if I had the chance! Above all, my family holds the most significant space in my heart. Since 2012, I've been fortunate to share my journey with my incredible wife Christine, who not only "completes me" but also inspires me to strive for betterment. Together, we're blessed with two amazing daughters, Ella and Izzy, who constantly keep me on my toes and young at heart.

Life took an unexpected turn in the winter of 2020 when we learned that our youngest daughter was deaf. While it presented its challenges, this experience has taught me the immeasurable value of embracing the tough moments in life. Our family embarked on a journey to learn American Sign Language (ASL), which has not only bridged communication gaps but has also enriched our lives in ways we couldn't have imagined. This newfound appreciation for communication has even extended to my business ventures, reinforcing the importance of effective communication in all aspects of life.

That's a glimpse into my world — a world where creativity, technology, family, and personal growth intersect to create a truly vibrant and fulfilling life journey.

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Previous Work

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In the past year I have launched over 30 financial advisor websites, if you would like to see more than ones show above please contact me.

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Pricing & Services

Cephas Designs is a full service (start to finish) website design company. I individually tailor both my pricing and services to each client's specific requirements. This approach allows every client to receive precisely what they need within their budget constraints. I call this "value alignment" which ensures that clients with limited budgets still receive exceptional products that cater to their needs. Additionally, it ensures that clients seeking more comprehensive solutions can obtain products that perfectly align with their requirements.

This approach may seem to vague, and I understand that. So I am working hard to put together an "À la carte" menu, that will allow my clients to easy go through and pick what services they will receive and price associated to each service.

The average client spends around $3,000 to get their premium website through Cephas Designs. But know, some have spent $1,000 - and others upwards of $10,000. I will make sure to build you the best site that custom fits your budget.

Please schedule a call with me, and lets get you the services you need to start turning leads into clients!

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